Cushion covers

Cushion cover, the hero that allows you to update your home in an affordable way. Change according to season or mood.

Here at Gripsholm you will find a wide range of both trendy and classic cushion covers. Mix and match colours and materials to find the style that suits your home. Decoration cushions are perfect to add to your home to create soft places for rest and comfort. Whatever the shape, cushions provide comfortable support to your body. Choose from large, long or classic square pillows, 50×50 cm, to create a cosy spot on both sofa and bed. By replacing your cushion covers, you can achieve big changes in your home with a small amount of money. Choose colours and shapes that complement each other to create a unified feel, whether in your bedroom or living room. For autumn, it’s a good idea to update with soft and muted velvet cushions. In spring and summer, it’s a safe bet to go for decorative cushions in bright linen and cotton fabrics. Whether you prefer patterned cushions, plain cushions or cushions with decorative tassels, we have something for you.

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